Tuesday, September 4, 2012

we know our memes.

I've been getting quite a laugh from a couple of the memes
that are circulating around the internet these days.
It's as if these were written specifically with Claire in mind...

The picky eater:

Flashback to when she was a puppy:

Every so often she tries to bury her bone IN the couch cushion
and this is what happens:

And then, of course, we experience this EVERY DAY:

What memes out there make you think of your dog?
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  1. Have you seen my Hurley Badger series? Hurley Badger Don't Care sorta defined our summer. :)

  2. Oh, memes. Facebook has been overtaken with them (at least with my dubious circle of friends), but there is still something about them that I love so dearly.

  3. hahahahahahahaha im pissing myself laughing!!!!