Saturday, August 25, 2012

pearly whites.

I have learned to schedule Claire's dental appointments for Saturdays. That way, as soon as they call me to come pick her up, I can head right over and rescue her from the uncomfortable confines of the kennel and get her snuggled up in her own bed. I like to think that she appreciates this greatly.

It always makes me nervous knowing that they have to fully anesthetize dogs in order to clean their teeth. Though I still experience a great deal of anxiety over this, I've come a long way from the days when I would sit in the waiting room for eight hours waiting until the vet was done. Now I at least have the strength to drop her off in the morning and pick her up in the afternoon. I still anxiously await the vet's call, but at least I can leave their office!

Sleeping off the anesthesia.
Little One has a hard time with the anesthesia. It doesn't make her sick, but it takes an awfully long time to wear off. They finished her teeth cleaning at noon, let me pick her up at 3pm, and now, at 8pm, she is still fast asleep. Occasionally she looks over at me, eyes still red and at half-mast, and then, assured that I am close by, she falls back asleep. Poor thing. I hate that she's so uncomfortable. It makes my heart hurt.

The report from the vet was good, though - lab work was fine, and her teeth are pearly white. Claire is starting to get a little gingivitis along the gums of her back teeth, but the vet said that's normal for dogs who are Claire's age. She told me to keep giving her raw marrow bones at least once a week but no more than twice a week, as they are excellent for Claire's teeth and breath. I can do that, and Claire will be happy about this news!


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  1. awww she's so cute sleeping. hope she's recovered well