Thursday, August 23, 2012

true confessions of a dog owner.

It's time for some true confessions! Are you ready for this? I put together a list of twelve truths pertaining to being a dog owner. Know that I mean no offense, so I apologize in advance if anything written is taken the wrong way. But I figured it would be fun to let you all know some of my honest-to-goodness thoughts and maybe even share some of my own bad habits! Leave a comment below with some of your confessions - I love getting the scoop!

1. I am of the persuasion that raising a dog is just as hard as raising a child.

2. Every Sunday, when I go grocery shopping, I make sure to bring back a special little treat or toy for Claire.

3. It's very likely that I spend more money on Christmas presents for Claire than I do on all of my friends combined.

4. No matter how adorable I think your dog is, I'll always think that mine is cuter.

5. I think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat their dog. I tend to write people off if I see them treating their dog poorly.

6. It's really hard for me to like you if you don't like my dog. And please know that "like" does not mean "tolerate."

7. I have more of a problem with separation anxiety than Claire does. She usually does just fine when she's at Bark-O-Lounge while I'm on vacation. I, however, call/text a few times per day to make sure that she's all right...

8. I have been late to work a time or two solely because I've stayed in bed cuddling with Claire for too long.

9. Sometimes when we're at the park, I yell "SQUIRREL!!" really loudly because I think it's hilarious how Claire's ears immediately perk up and she looks all around to find it.

10. There have been many times where I have slept on the very edge of the bed as to not disturb the angelic sleep of Princess Claire.

11. Claire's vice is digging, and I even encourage it sometimes because I feel like it helps file those nails ;)

12. If I believed in past lives, I would definitely think that I was a dog.


  1. Other than #11 (as Elka does not have a digging vice) I agree with these! It's funny how alike some dog owner are, isn't it? ;) Great list!

  2. I have a few...
    1. I was confused why Packer would lick everyone else but me, until I read it's because I kissed him too much as a puppy.
    2. I also have separation anxiety on vacations (calling to check up), but alo when I'm at work! I actually start worrying that he will wrap himself in his blanket and choke or a fire will start and he can't get out... Crazy talk, I know
    3. Sometimes I'll ask Packer questions in a high pitch voice, just to see him tilt his head a lot.
    4. I have more pictures of him than I do of any friend or family member.

  3. I agree with all! DEFINITELY the one about kids. People I know with young kids seem to be slightly offended when I compare my dog to their child. I'm sorry but my dog is learning motor skills, socialisation, to not pee his bed... where's the difference? Mine just has sharper teeth and more unconditional love. Okay so my dog's better than a kid haha! He'll never hate me when he's a teenager. *turns into a crazy dog lady with a millon dog instead of kids* lol.
    I get the separation thing, he hates being away from me but it is mutual. The instant I am back near the house I go let him out. If I can have him by my side, I will.

    Another truth is I feel sorry for the dogs of owners who don't train them properly. People who don't know about dogs blame agressive badly behaved or dangerous dogs. A dog is only like that because of how humans treated them or how their owners didn't train them well enough. I don't believe any dog is too stupid to be trained. They all have varying intelligence and some are better at things than others, but every dog can be taught the basics and live a chilled out happy placid life... if their owners put in the time. There is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner.

  4. 13. I sometimes skip outings with friends to stay home & cuddle with my dogs. :).

  5. these were all great though I can't add any, Claire is one lucky dog!

  6. i love this post. it's super awesome. you rock, claire rocks, dogs rock. :-)

  7. So happy to be in such great company. I agree with all 12 and also with Sarah's #13.

    Here is my #14 My dog eats better than I do. Some nights while she eats a a freshly created home cooked meal, I have a lean cuisine.

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