Thursday, May 10, 2012

i love a rainy night.

Remember my awesome friend Lauren who I met at the BarkWorld conference along with her dog Paige? You know, they are the talent behind the 1-800-Pet-Meds and Nylabone commercials! Wellllllll, Claire and I went to visit them (and Paige's brother Dexter) in DC over Christmas on our way back to Nashville from Cape Cod.

Claire, Paige, and Dexter hanging out together in DC!

At the time, Lauren said that she and Paige were getting ready to start canine freestyle [I totally wish we had classes like this in Nashville because I would love to try it!]. And hey, they just won first place in their first competition! Available for your viewing pleasure, here's their winning routine, performed to "I Love a Rainy Night!" Choreography by none other than Miss Lauren herself!

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  1. this is amazing and adorable

  2. That was awesome! great job lauren and paige!