Wednesday, May 9, 2012

grand ideas and new inventions.

I've got a pretty solid group of friends at the dog park. Every time I go there, I know I'm going to see at least one of them. [We're regulars, people, so don't try to mess with us]. Sure enough, I ran into Brianna and Ross today, and we had a conversation about an idea that Ross came up with on the fly. Now, Ross is a pretty talented dude. He's an actor, a videographer, a teacher, etc etc etc. And so it didn't surprise me that he came up with this a new invention so quickly - and it's patented and trademarked, so don't even try to steal it. [Okay, well not yet, but it WILL be].

First, here is the backstory... One of the things that happens frequently at our park is that someone will go around pointing out where others dogs did their business, hand them a bag, and tell them to pick it up. What's tough, though, is that the dog owner often can't find the spot because it's such a big park. So Ross came up with an idea for a product that will be called "Poop Patrol". Poop Patrol is a packet of flags that you will be given upon entering the dog park. The purpose is to stick a flag into the ground next to the business so that you don't lose the spot while you go tell the owner to pick it up.

Great concept, right? That's Ross for you. Changing the world, one grand idea at a time. Well... maybe not the world, but certainly the cleanliness of our park. Such a good guy.

Poop Patrol.
Keep your eyes open for it at a store near you.


  1. That's pretty hilarious!

    Maybe Ross should also wear a black t-shirt that says "security" on the back, to lend credibility.

    1. Oh we have definitely thought about it! ;)

  2. I thought that was a GREAT idea...and kind of funny at the same time.