Monday, October 17, 2011

mikey would like it.

Alright friends, you can now stay up to date with all things Claire-worthy on Facebook! Go to our fan page and *like* us! Tell yo' wife, tell yo' kids! [What is up with me and the crazy references lately?!] See you all there!

PS: If you have a fan page, leave a comment below with the URL so that I can get updates from you, too!


  1. You already know this, but I want to get everyone up on the "Life With..." twins. Lauren and Claire are our beloved pals, so be sure to keep up with them on Facebook! While you're at it, like Life With Arie to keep up with the other "Life with..." girls, Katie and Arie.

  2. Love reading your blog! Hope I'll get to see you again next year at BarkWorld :)