Sunday, October 16, 2011

that's what i love about sundays.

The first day back from being out of town is always busy for me. Especially this time. There is major construction going on at my house that had to be put on hold while I went back home to be with my Gram, and to come back to a house that is a disaster area was a little bit stressful. This trip home was also extremely difficult emotionally, so I really just wanted to use today to catch up on sleep and snuggles with Claire. But of course, there are always other things to do first:

We started our day with a quick trip to the dog park, and Claire mostly just hung around me and my friends giving out kisses. I loved it, they loved it, she loved it. Win-win-win (please tell me that you are familiar with that reference). When we came back home, the cleaning commenced. While I was in the midst of it, I dropped a whole box of goldfish which exploded all over the floor. Not to worry, however - Claire came to the rescue and helped me clean it up: I went to get the broom and by the time I came back, it was all taken care of (apparently she really likes goldfish). I went grocery shopping and then made Claire some ground turkey mixed with peas, since she is boycotting her food unless it has something tasty mixed in with it. I also made myself a mediterranean frittata with feta cheese, which got Claire's stamp of approval; she's my taste tester since I've started cooking organic and gluten-free meals.

After all of that, we curled up and took a long nap, which I have to say is the most glorious and blessed part of Sunday afternoons. This is my favorite part of our weekend routine, when Claire and I can just be. Those of you who have dogs surely know what I mean; I will always make time for this!



  1. Love the new pictures of Claire! And glad she came to the rescue with the goldfish spill ;)

  2. Glad you are back! I feel like when you take a pic of Claire and she is looking at you she is saying "stop taking that picture and let me sleep!" :)

  3. great story and great pics of Claire. glad you are back home safe and was a long 10 days for all of us