Sunday, June 12, 2011

ten things that really annoy claire.

1) Going to the groomer. Claire has short fur, so the only reason she goes to the groomer is so that she can get her nails trimmed. I tried to do it myself but it clearly didn't work. You would think I was leading her out in front of a firing squad, the way she acts when we enter those doors. And if I stay to watch her get her nails trimmed, she becomes a bucking bronco and won't let them get anywhere near her. What really doesn't make sense, however, is that she is apparently just fine once I leave and wait outside. What's up with that?

2) The Clearview Bissell. Claire runs out of the room when she sees me with my wonderful vacuum, and then she sits on top of the couch until it goes back in the closet.

3) Riding in the backseat of the car. The only time she needs to sit in the backseat is when I have family or friends visiting. She tries to sit with them in the front seat and when she is reminded that she needs to sit in the back, she gives me one of her big sighs like a pouting toddler. Why don't dogs have any regard for safety?! Anyway, she is going to be even more annoyed when I buy this.

4) When we're sleeping and I move to get comfortable. I don't mean to disturb her beauty sleep, but when she sleeps stretched out horizontally in the middle of my bed, there is only a limit of time that my body can handle being curled up! Besides, I bought this for her to use while I'm in the kitchen, so I figure she can choose to sleep there if she is annoyed enough.

5) Suitcases. She knows that it means I'm going on vacation. Although she has fun at Bark-O-Lounge while I'm gone, she still hates that we're not together for a few days. The last time I was packing to go on a trip, she curled up in my suitcase and wouldn't move. She had to be coaxed out with a piece of sausage. I hate being away from her (so so much!), but I don't always have enough vacation time to drive to far-away destinations so that she can come with me! I am, however, planning to take an extra-long vacation next summer, solely because I want her to come too.

6) My iPhone. Whether I'm playing Angry Birds, Words with Friends, or talking to the president, she sees it as competition. And unless she is sleeping after wearing herself out at day care or the park, it is unacceptable for me to do anything else besides giving her attention.

7) Squirrels, chipmunks, birds, rabbits, or any other small animal that taunts her while she looks out the kitchen window. In her mind, the only thing they're good for is to be chased, and it frustrates her to no end when she can't go after them.

8) When it takes other dogs awhile to respond to her cues that she needs her space. Most of the time, she doesn't want to do anything besides play when we're at the park, but there is always the rare occasion that she wants to wander off, eat some grass, observe the world, and be by herself. I understand, because I do that too (except for the "eating grass" part).

9) That I am smarter than her. Don't get me wrong, Claire is brilliant, but I've got the benefit of being a human. Therefore, I know when she is trying to be sneaky about something and can stop her before she succeeds in causing whatever mischief she has in mind.

10) Saturdays. The only day of the week that I have the option of sleeping in. She is so good and will come back to bed to snuggle with me, but she is alert the whole time and just itching for play time. Lucky for her, it's been so hot during the day lately, that we've been getting up early on Saturdays to go to the dog park or the river before the heat becomes too much for both of us!

So, lovely readers, what things annoy your dog?


  1. My dog usually doesn't get annoyed. He's kind of a laid back guy and deals with whatever happens. He gets very agitated, though, if people are playing catch and he is not allowed to run back and forth between them. If I make him sit and stay, he cries and cries and it escalates to barking. So usually he either runs around like a crazy or he has to be put in the house.

  2. these are awesome!! I especially like the one about her own car restraint - I can't wait for that one - so I don't need to worry about YOU driving - xo