Saturday, June 18, 2011

the first pool party of the summer.

This was me for the majority of this past week. Sick, in bed, and at times, in the hospital. And although it looks like I'm being dramatic in this picture, I was actually trying to hide from the paparazzi that somehow got in my hospital room.

Obviously, because I have been so sick, Claire and I haven't been up to much lately. She went to school a few days this week so that I could rest, and we've also watched most of the movies that Netflix has to offer (she really liked the first season of Glee). She's been such a good girl all week, and has comforted me with lots of snuggles. Ahh, I just love her so much.

Anyway, last week, before I came down with this never-ending unknown illness, Claire went to a little pool party! I just got around to uploading the pictures, so I wanted to share them with you all!

Can I just point out how the water gets progressively dirtier in each picture? I couldn't empty the pool and refill it fast enough! It's been great having this pool at the park, though, especially when it gets so hot in Tennessee during the summer. Claire loves going down to the river, but she's been feeling bold lately and has started to try and explore farther away from me, which makes me nervous. The pool is a good alternative - it keeps her cool, but keeps her close!

What are some of your favorite summer activities with your dog?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Grouchy Puppy!

    Since we live in San Francisco, summers are not so bad, though today it is hot especially for the one who can't take her fur coat off. Seriously considering getting a kiddie pool for Cleo, good for the days she doesn't get to the beach to stand in the water there.

    Hope you feel better soon.