Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the beauty of muddy paws.

All day yesterday, I looked forward to getting out of work because I really just craved getting to spend time outside with Claire. It started raining just as we got to the park, but I was determined to stay as long as we could. It wasn't long before it got muddy, and Claire quickly found her way to the muddiest part of the park...

She was having so much fun that I just didn't have it in me to tell her to leave it! She was digging in the mud puddles, running through them, and slipping and sliding everywhere. I loved watching her have so much fun! The joy I feel when I watch Claire having fun is worth all the muddy pawprints in the world! And hey, I even managed to stay pretty clean myself until she got herself so excited that she ran straight at me and tried to jump into my arms! I tried to clean her off a little bit before we got into the car but she still looked like this:

Of course, as soon as I put her in the car, she started rolling around in the backseat to try and clean herself off, so my car is pretty dirty right now... Let's be honest though, it's Claire's car, I am just her chauffeur!

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  1. hahahaha - and I do expect you to have it cleaned BEFORE I arrive in October!!!! lol