Sunday, March 24, 2013

when dating a dog owner.

Petside recently published an article on the top 5 reasons to date a dog owner. As a dog owner myself who has dated other dog owners, I wanted to reply to the Petside article with a few things to be aware of...

1. Your new guy may think it's acceptable to take you and the dogs to the dog park for a date. Or, even worse, for EVERY date.

2. Also, regarding the dog park, if y'all met there, one of you will essentially have to stop going once the relationship is over. Because otherwise it's just awkward for the broken-hearted party to run into the heartbreaker time and time again - especially when they've moved on and started bringing their new love on dates to the park.

3. Petside commented that owning a dog shows that a guy can commit. But who wouldn't be able to commit to a cuddly, nonverbal, playful companion who naps for 12 hours of the day? Committing to a dog and committing to a human are totally separate things that really have no correlation to each other.

4. Two things really say a lot about a person: (a) the type of dog that they own, and (b) how they treat their dog.

5. Make sure that the love is mutual. For things to work, you have to like each other's dogs, the other person's dog has to like you and your dog has to like them, and your dogs have to like each other. If you miss out on even one of those key pieces, it's a recipe for disaster - even if everything else seems perfect.

Anything that I forgot? Add to the list below!


  1. Does this mean you are seeing someone? :-)

  2. This is so true. We did not meet at a dog park or through our dog, BUT we both strongly believe that Bunk makes our relationship stronger and our lives more complete.

  3. Wonder why it is that I usually like the guy's dog better than i like the guy ? :)

  4. some folks just look for reasons to be Angry...Give him a pleasant smile and walk on by