Wednesday, March 13, 2013

if my car wasn't already enough of a mess...

It started with the drool. I should've known right then and there what was in store - especially since Claire is NOT a drooler. Even had I missed that clue, I should have picked up on the fact that right when she got into the car, she laid down immediately. And had I missed THAT sign, I should have noticed that she was more tired than usual after being at Bark-O-Lounge all day with her friends. But some days, hell freezes over, and the planets stop their orbit around the sun, and pigs fly - all at once - and I miss every single clue that I'd normally be attuned to. Today was one of those days.

By the time I realized what was happening, it was too late: she was already hurling ALL over the backseat of my car. Poor girl and that upset tummy of hers... When we got home, she didn't even scan the yard for squirrels or rabbits, she just went straight to the door. And as soon as I let her inside, she put herself right to bed - on the couch. She didn't even walk the extra ten steps to our bed. She just curled up in the closest comfy spot.

Hopefully this is just a bug that will run its course quickly, but she has her annual physical at the vet's on Saturday as it is. That's a nice coincidence, I suppose. Though my prayer is that after a good night's sleep, she'll wake up feeling better in the morning...


  1. so sorry she is's been a long time since she was sick...hope she didn't eat something that she isn't suppose to i.e. beef, chicken, etc.

  2. aww, poor miss claire! i am very late here, so i hope she is feeling better by now!!