Saturday, January 26, 2013

when we don't use our coping skills.

I rarely have to work on Saturdays at my new job, but today was one of those rare times. My friend Carrie offered to take Claire to the park this afternoon when she brought Tucker, and I knew Claire wouldn't mind being whisked away for some time outside. I was wrapping up my last case for the day when I got the following text message from Carrie: "One of your couch cushions did not get by unscathed." Apparently Claire doesn't like when I work on Saturdays either, and she didn't choose to cope with it very well...


  1. Aw, poor Claire!

    Thankfully, it's been some time since Elka has chewed up one of our pillows or even her own bed, though she does steal unsupervised paper towels to shred them.