Saturday, December 22, 2012

claire's christmas list (2012 edition).

I know. I lose major points for posting our annual Wish List so close to the gosh darn holidays. But there might be some last minute shoppers out there. Maybe... In any case, here are the items that are on Claire's wish list this year!

I love finding a reason to get Claire a new collar or leash, especially because there are such fun ones out there! Like these, from Silly Buddy:

My little one always tears up stuffed toys (except for elephants - she loves her ellies), but I don't think that's a reason to stop buying them for her! That's why I have to include this awesome toy from PLAY:

I need some fun posters for my cubicle at work, so I thought this poster is appropriate, even though Claire's only 50% lab... Most of these features are certainly appropriate for her, anyway!

Simply Fido caught my eye when they shared pictures of this adorable moose. I mean, are you kidding me?! Who DOESN'T want one of these?! And they're stuffed with crinkled paper, which I'm sure is easier to clean up than stuffing. It has to be!

If you've been following this blog for awhile, you are very well aware that I'm obsessed with The Black Dog, which is a store in my hometown. It's only natural that I browsed their website to find things to add to Claire's Christmas list. I found this placemat, which will be perfect for her!

Some of Claire's favorite treats are from The Black Dog, too - and it's great because they're free of the millions of things that she's allergic to! They're available in bacon, cheddar cheese, and peanut butter flavors!

Hopefully this list will be helpful for you late shoppers out there. If you've already shopped for your favorite dog, then I'd highly suggest considering buying some of these items for a New Year's Day present. Or maybe even Valentine's Day. Or heck, buy it just because!

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