Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a guest for the holidays.

One of my childhood friends also lives in Nashville, and while she and her husband made the trek back home to Cape Cod with their adorable seven-month-old baby, I volunteered to watch their dog. Claire and I have taken care of him before - Otis is a sweetheart, and a very handsome one at that.

We usually stay at my friend's house, but she lives southwest of the city and my new job is in the exact opposite direction. Because of that potentially horrible commute for the next week and a half, I suggested that Otis come stay at our house.

He has done extraordinarily well being in a strange place and, once Claire reminded him that she does not like to be humped, they have been getting along extremely well. Otis is usually kenneled during the day, but I couldn't stand to keep him kenneled in my house while Claire has free reign. Wouldn't that be torturous for both of them?! I sat them down for a serious talk yesterday before I went to work and reminded them that, while they are free to play and run around, they cannot eat any furniture or mini-blinds in all of their excitement. A girl has to set some rules, you know? But I was happily surprised when I came home yesterday and found my house (and both dogs) in tact.

Let's just say a prayer that things go that well during the day tomorrow, too... Wouldn't that be terrible if I just spoke too soon?!

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  1. What, a guest and no pictures? Seriously ;)

    (Otis sounds like a lovely guest!)