Saturday, November 24, 2012

the carb consequence.

Though Claire and I did not have the privilege of celebrating Thanksgiving Day with our family, we did manage to share leftovers of our friends' meals (thank you to both Callie and David!) I enjoyed everything, of course, and Claire loved the sweet potatoes and even some of the pumpkin pie!

Two words describe the outcome: carb overload. Or: food coma. Or: tryptophania mania. The possibilities are endless!!

Claire has been working it off at the dog park for the past two days, and she even got me to do a little rough-housing with her yesterday. I'm down one old fleece jacket and I've got some bruises, but hey, it was all in good fun!

Not only that, but she even was kind enough to push me out of bed this morning so I would go to the gym. On a Saturday.

What a pal.

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and I pray that you have as many things to be thankful for as we do!

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