Tuesday, November 20, 2012

sleepovers and snuggles.

Well, Claire didn't end up coming with me to the Friendsgiving celebration this weekend. She played pretty hard at the park earlier that day and was fast asleep when it was time to leave. But I will tell you that I had a great time with great friends and great homecooked food!

Don't go feeling all sorry for Claire, though. She may have missed the Friendsgiving fun, but she made up for it yesterday and today. My friend Carrie went out of town for work, so what better time to have a sleepover with Carrie's dog, Tucker! They played constantly - from the second we picked him up to the time he returned home. I practically had to pull them apart to get them to do anything else: eat, sleep, and go for walks. And the only casualty of the past two days was Seahorse (view the remnants below); the reason Claire's other toys survived is because I put them away pretty soon after that.

Surprisingly, Claire and I slept better with Tucker around. Granted, the two of them took up the whole bed, so we know why SHE was comfortable. Even with my 1" of free mattress space, I was pretty cozy. Maybe it had something to do with all of the puppy warmth in my bed? What was interesting to me is that Tucker can get right up in Claire's face and she doesn't mind. Usually she is big on personal space, but only a select few of her friends can cross this line - including Tucker. They were cuddling together all night with Tuck's head resting on her neck. Sweetest thing ever!

Check out a few Instagram pics from Claire and Tucker's time together:

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  1. They're adorable together! I love the second couch picture, where they're like bookends.