Tuesday, September 18, 2012

weekend recap (and a celebrity sighting!)

Guess who was hanging out in Nashville this past weekend. A celebrity, y'all: Lauren from Life with Desmond. And friends, let me tell you that she's as awesome in real life as she is in the blogosphere. Her husband is equally as awesome, and I really think he needs to guest post over at LwD, too. [And please feel free to get comment-happy on her blog to try and get him to agree to this idea]. Of course, I didn't think to get an autograph a picture with them, so there's no real proof that I actually met them, but I can promise that we all had a great time chatting for hours at dinner. I'm really hoping they come back to visit - and I'm still hoping that maybe Desmond will be able to come along too so that he can hang out with Claire.

What else, what else... My goal this past weekend was to spend as much time outside as possible. Claire was more than happy to come along. We hung out with friends at the park, went swimming in the river [attached to a leash, which wasn't ideal, but hey, I learned from last time], and took a walk through the woods - we even had a close encounter with a bold little fawn before he pranced off through the fields [perhaps he would've stuck around longer if Claire hadn't been jumping around and screeching with frustration that she couldn't go chase him]. All in all, I'd say it was an excellent weekend for both of us!

A big thanks to those who emailed, FB'd, and commented on this blog post from last week. I feel much better knowing that Claire's response is a normal one, but I've also decided that I need to engage with her more while we're together at the park. Over the last couple days, instead of sitting on a bench chatting with friends, I've been making a point to keep moving -- we walk around the park, run, play fetch, etc. I've noticed a big difference in Claire in that she not only plays with me, but she also has been spending more time actually playing with other dogs. I'd say that these trips have been much more fulfilling for her, so we'll just keep on doing our thing!

Hope you all had a great weekend too. Don't they just go by way too fast?


  1. awesome awesome post....I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. xo

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so funny! We had a great time. Now we have to make that blogpaws thing happen. And def let me know if you're coming to LI at all.

  3. Oh and on a side note, Joey does the same thing at the park with Des and finds he is much more able to focus on dogs and on listening to dad. Kind of weird, but you know how doggies love to be guided.

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