Thursday, July 26, 2012

say hello to captain.

Okay, guys. Remind me that I am not allowed to go to the Nashville Humane Society unless I am able to adopt all of the dogs another dog. I stopped by with some friends last weekend because they volunteer there, so we spent some time loving on the sweet dogs. It was my first time back since I adopted Claire three years ago, and I was reminded why I don't frequent the NHA more often: I cry. I cry when I see all of these incredibly amazing dogs who don't have loving homes. I cry because I can't take them all in myself. I cry because I want them to all be adopted right now!!

We spent a lot of time with a 9-month-old Boxer/Chow/Sharpei mix named Captain who was such a fantastic dog. He was trained by his previous owners, so he was really well-behaved, and he loved playing fetch and running around with us. I loved him - and I would adopt him myself, except that everyone agrees that Claire needs to belong to a one-dog family, at least until she's older. But Captain very clearly chose my friend, anyway, and when a dog chooses someone, it's a connection that can't be denied. Sadly, my friend can't adopt Captain because he and his girlfriend live in an apartment with two dogs already. Don't worry. I'll keep trying to persuade them! Do you know anyone who might be interested in adopting this love bug?



  1. He's a very handsome boy!

    I don't think I know anybody in your area, but I'll tweet your post here and maybe the sparks will happen.

  2. Such a cutie. I hope he finds a home soon. Actually, I'm so late on this post, I hope he has already found a home.

    I'm the same way about the dogs at shelters. I can't deal. I want them all. I hate seeing them in their kennels. I hate that some of them will never find homes. I hate the some of them will be there or have been there for so long. I pretty much want to be a hoarder, except not like a crazy one. If I ever win the lottery and get really rich, I would seriously want to build a sanctuary on my new, much bigger property.

  3. he is adorable, you have such a big heart xo