Sunday, July 29, 2012

savory treats for a sweet girl.

I did a little spring summer cleaning this weekend which had me clearing out cupboards and throwing away things that aren't needed anymore. As I cleaned out Claire's cupboard, which was stocked with a variety of treats, I realized that she is allergic to 99% of the kinds that I'd been giving her for the past three years. That inspired today's mission: find some more treats that don't have any poultry, wheat, oats, yeast, apples, or bananas in them.

First, I gathered up all of the unopened bags of treats that she can't have anymore and put them in my car to bring to the nice man who sells papers at the corner of Murphy and I-40 - his dog is always with him, so on my way to work tomorrow, I'll see if he would like them.

Next, I contacted my pals at Dog Pack Snacks to check out the ingredients of their awesome treats, and thankfully Claire can still have their Liver Snaps; they are one of her favorite kinds. What I love about DPS is that their mission is to make healthy and wholesome treats - this means they use lean meats for high protein and lower fat, fruits and vegetables, and no wheat/soy/corn/by-products/sugar/salt/preservatives/colors. I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it's as real as real can be! Claire is obsessed with these little snacks, so I'm glad that she can still have them!

Then I went to Nashville Pet Products to see what they had in stock, and after discussing things with the manager, I came away with ZiwiPeak's Good Dog lamb jerky treats. This product is made in New Zealand and is all natural. They are very up front about their philosophy on animal welfare, and they make it very clear that all of their animals are raised in a cage-free feeding environment and are treated humanely. That's something that I fully support!

Today's mission was a success! In addition, I'm happy to report that Claire hasn't had any of her usual symptoms of acid reflux or pancreatitis since starting her new food by California Natural. I'm hopeful that her digestive track is finally beginning to heal, and that she will continue on the path to health and wellness!



  1. Hooray to your successes! I'm glad that Claire can still have her wonderful treats!

    I had Elka on the grain free California Natural for awhile, and was very happy with it. Then my store stopped carrying it. boo.

  2. Oh gosh. Isn't crazy sometimes what you realize you're doing wrong after the fact? I'm so glad you got her treats all straightened out and she's still got lots of yummy options.

  3. amazing how much better she is now..thank God