Sunday, June 3, 2012

a pity party.

We are miserable. Just miserable.

I am covered in poison ivy from trying to be Super(wo)man. If you saw me, you'd run screaming in the other direction. I have dark circles under my eyes since I haven't slept in a week because I'm too itchy, and I've got calamine lotion everywhere. I look pretty awful. I refuse to go to work looking pink and crusty, so I'm just going to suffer tomorrow. And I'm not good at suffering in silence, so watch out people!

Claire, on the other hand, is on day three of a bout of pancreatitis and/or GERD, so she is feeling really awful too. She looks so pitiful when she's sick that I just want to cry for her. Everyone knows when she's sick, too, because she walks around with her ears lowered and her head down, and she doesn't wag her tail at all. It's really really sad.

All this to say that we're not good company right now. Hopefully we'll both be feeling better tomorrow...


  1. Oh my! At least you have each other! I'm sorry that you are having such a rough week and I hope you recover quickly!

  2. Oh no, that's horrible :(

    Calamine Monster is not a good work look. Is Claire a little bit happy to have you home an extra day, at least?

    Speedy recovery to both of you!