Thursday, May 31, 2012

a different breed.

In general, I think I'm a pretty understanding person. I try to put myself in other people's shoes, and I can usually empathize with some aspect of a person's situation, no matter what they are dealing with. But there's just one type of person that I just don't get: those who don't like dogs [**please note: people who are allergic to pet dander or those who were the victim of a dog attack are exempt from this category]. Some of you might get offended at reading this, and you know what? That's okay! Because, to tell you the truth, I'm offended that you don't like dogs.

I have never met a warm and compassionate person who doesn't like dogs. I've met a lot of anti-dog people who think they're warm and compassionate, but everyone else knows that they're really not the kind of person you want to share secrets with or ask to sit with you and have a heart-to-heart. There's usually some kind of outer shell there that is just hard to break through. And, honestly, these anti-dog people really just make me feel a teensy bit nervous and on edge.

I mean, what is there not to like about a dog? That they show unconditional love? That they are loyal? That they are affectionate? That they can be funny and quirky and make you laugh? Can someone help me out here? Because I really struggle to grasp this concept...



  1. I don't get it either. All my dog is want to lick you to death and people look at him like he's gonna take a chunk outta them. And how could anybody not love Claire!

  2. Ugh, I just LOVE that ecard, it makes me nod my head EVERY time. Preach.