Thursday, June 14, 2012

on our way to getting some answers.

Where have we been for the past four days? I've been busy making homemade food for the princess, while she has been lying around and being sick. Well, that's not completely true; on the days that she felt better, she went to daycare and had some fun with her pals. But we both stayed home today because she had an appointment with a veterinary specialist in the hopes that we could get some answers about this GERD issue.

It was a frustrating appointment. First of all, I specifically asked over the phone if I should bring a copy of her vet records, and I was told not to. Then, when I got there and explained what the past three years of GERD have been like for Claire, they asked if I brought a copy of her vet records. Yeah. I was pissed. I called up my girls at Banfield and asked them to quickly fax over her records, but they misunderstood and faxed over her vaccination records. I offered to call them back and have them send everything, but the specialist said, "Well, I have to get to my next appointment, but on your way out, make another appointment and then have them fax it before you come in next."

...And then I burst into tears. I told her that it's breaking my heart to hear Claire wake up crying in the middle of the night. I told her that I haven't been sleeping because I'm so worried about her. I told her how she won't eat anything but homemade food or else she throws up all over the place. I told her that I need her to do something today, because I'm not a vet and I can't fix this, but she can.

So she ordered a complete food allergy panel which will be sent out to a lab in Texas. We won't have results for the next two weeks, so in the meantime, she gave me prescription hypoallergenic food for Claire and prescription probiotics. $600 later and we're finally getting somewhere.

Keep praying those prayers and thinking happy thoughts for us. Lord knows the next two weeks are going to go by very slowly as we wait for results. And thank you so very much for all of your emails, texts, FB messages, and tweets - I read them all to Claire, and I'm positive that if she could speak, she'd say thank you too! Knowing that you all love her so much is the best kind of support I could ask for!


  1. im so sorry that the vet visit went not so great but hopefully you get the answers you need to make claire feel better.

  2. Wow, so frustrating! I am no stranger to frustrations with vets ...

    Medical records is something I would take with me everywhere, asked or not, it just doesn't make sense for somebody trying to diagnose anything without considering full history, including what diagnostics showed, notes from physical examinations and the whole bowl of wax.

    Web based medical records are really helpful here, as they can be accessed any time, anywhere.

    I do find it infuriating that the specialist would send you out without answers just because the appointment time ran out ...

    Allergy panel won't hurt, Jasmine had it done also and it served us well as a general guideline regarding her diet. (Jasmine doesn't have GERD, she has IBD)

    Poor Clair, so much pain it makes her cry :-(

    I just kind of caught up with this, did you or are you going to see the integrative vet?

    Personally, with an issue like this one, I would see much better potential for an actual solution there.

  3. Praying for quick answers.... so sorry to "hear" this, but I hope you're on a road to answers and results.