Wednesday, May 2, 2012

every dog for himself?

If Claire was a person in a life-threatening situation, she would be the one to push everyone else aside to save herself. Bold statement, right? Well, I have evidence to back it up.

I took Claire down to the river when I got out of work today because it was a balmy 90*F at 5pm - far too hot for the park. Chase was down there with his parents (Alexandra and Josh), and he and Claire were having fun chasing each other around and wrestling in the water. Now, Claire can swim well, but she still gets a little nervous in the deeper water. So when Chase swam farther out, Claire leapt onto his back as though he were a raft. Which he is not. And so he went under. Did that make Claire get off of him? Nope. She just kept holding on to him, pushing him under again and again. I looked at Alexandra, and she understandably had frozen with a very panicked expression on her face. Eventually, by some miracle, poor Chase made it over to the shore, saving himself and Claire.

There you have it. Case and point.


  1. omg doesn't that bring back memories of Nicole and myself? though she and I are not dogs the "every ... for himself" comes to mind!! lol lol

  2. Wow! They just started their affair too. Silly Claire! Lauren, you may have a "black widow" on your hands.

  3. Loved this. Another laugh out loud blog. Don't stop writing - need my afternoon fix. Gog

  4. Oh, Claire... You must be related to Desmond, because he's done something very similar, only he did it to a miniature Dachshund. :-/