Monday, July 18, 2011

it started as a friendship.

What started out as an innocent sleepover between friends turned into Claire having a new boyfriend. That's right. I helped out some dear friends this weekend by watching their adorable dingo/retriever, Chase (and he's not really part dingo, but he looks like one, so I continue to say it). Please see the picture below to observe him in all of his cuteness.

Claire and Chase

Claire and Chase had so much fun playing together all weekend. They would rotate between wrestling, chasing each other around the house, sharing pig ears, and sleeping. Chase is SUCH a good puppy; it's crazy to think of how young he is, because he's very mature well-behaved for his age. Claire sure knows how to pick 'em! By the end of the weekend, Chase was kissing Claire's sweet face, nibbling on her baby ears, and following her everywhere. I took them to the dog park and instead of playing with the other dogs, they just snuggled like two lovebirds, as you can see in the above picture.

Alexandra and Josh, all I can say is that he'd better not break her heart! ;)


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  1. LOL How cute they are together. It has been so hot here that I don't want to go out to any park.