Thursday, February 9, 2012

the need for speed.

I've been holding on to these gems for awhile - well, since Christmas, really. So here they are: pictures of my baby running. Claire loves to run. She likes to be chased more than she likes to chase [mainly because she can outrun any dog at the park and likes showing off]. And now that she's older, I find that the lab is coming out in her, and she loves running after tennis balls [she has about a 60% success rate of bringing them back because she's very picky about which ones she'll actually fetch]. I'd wanted to take some pictures of her running for awhile, and I finally had the perfect opportunity at Christmas while we were back at home in Massachusetts at Bourne Farm. Here's Claire in all her glory!

This picture depicts her happy ears!

She's running so fast in this picture
that the wind is blowing back her jowls so you can see her teeth.
I'm telling you, she's quick!

Dog or kangaroo?

 Getting chased by Lexie.

Charlie's Angels!


  1. Happy Claire running! Those are some great pictures!

  2. fantastic pix! love claire's happy ears.

    desmond runs just like that (all kangaroo-style) and he's greyhound speed but his stamina is lacking due to his wonky legs. he can outrun me on the way to the park but not on the way back!

    1. Lauren, I sincerely hope that Desmond and Claire will get to play together someday!

  3. FANTASTIC pictures!!! I love them!!!!!! and her! and YOU!

  4. these are AWESOME pictures!! I love shots of dogs in action!

    - Ali

    1. Ali, have you seen Seth Casteel's series of pictures taken of dogs while they're under water? If not, you need to google it, you will love it!