Friday, January 6, 2012

bourne farm.

My sister Andrea, me, and Claire at Christmas.
(Please check out my sister's amazing slippers. They are awesome!!)

When Claire and I went home to Cape Cod for the holidays, I was thrilled to find out that the town recently built a dog park less than three miles away from my mom's house. Claire was less than excited, however, when the rocks that covered the ground kept getting stuck in her paw pads. [Seriously, people, why didn't you think of that when you built the park?!] Not so comfortable. My mom had a much better suggestion, which Claire and I are both ever thankful for: she told us to go right down the street to Bourne Farm. They have a huge open field, trails throughout the property, a pond... and it's absolutely beautiful.

Claire at the farm. She's very observant.
(Probably looking out for squirrels.)

We met my stepmom and brother there a couple times so that their dog, Lexie, could play with Claire. You would've thought they'd known each other forever if you saw them on the day that they met. Lexie bounded out of the car and Claire ran right on over to play.

Lexie in all her glory.
(The coonhound who thinks she's a lap dog. Loooove her!)

Of course, my little brother joined in the fun as well, alternating between climbing trees, chasing Claire and Lexie, and rolling down hills. He even followed them into the freezing cold 33*F pond when they decided to go for a swim. Needless to say, my stepmom and I were NOT pleased with him for that one...

My eight-year-old brother. I want to steal his freckles.
(Can't you see him getting away with anything?! He's just so cute!)

While we were there, I managed to get some great (and hilarious) shots of Claire running at full speed... but you're going to have to wait for the next blog post to see them. [I know, the suspense is just killing you!] No worries, they'll be up within the next few days!

To my sister Tori: I know you're more fashionista than farm girl, but I'm dragging you out with us next year. You have the next 11 months to prepare, got it?? :)

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  1. GREAT story and pictures....glad you and Claire were happier with Bourne Pond.