Thursday, February 2, 2012

and the oscar goes to...

Here's Claire's fifteen minutes four seconds of fame! Our pal Kelsey has a Great Dane puppy named Bishop who is absolutely gorgeous. Kelsey and his wife are videographers, and they brought aaaaaallllllllllll of their equipment to our favorite dog park a month or two ago to get some footage of the dogs playing. They also hooked up a camera to Bishop to get things from his perspective. You can find Claire at 42-46 seconds doing some kind of ninja move, but I think you should watch the whole video anyway because it is awesome!



  1. this video is great but Claire is AWESOME!!

  2. I love the video, and the music was a perfect choice for it. Claire is quite springy! The Dane is gorgeous too...I love them!

  3. aww, how cute! this really is an excellent video. i would love to get one of these cameras, but i am way too cheap (i actually looked into it once. $$$$).