Friday, November 18, 2011

como se llama?

Claire is great at protecting me and my loved ones. I mean, if there’s a squirrel on attack, Claire’s got you covered. She also excels at alerting me when someone is at the door (just in case I didn’t hear them knocking). But when people come inside, she immediately falls in love with them, no matter who they are. Group of rowdy teenagers walking by my house at 2am? Her tail wags. Pizza delivery guy? They’re best friends. General contractor and crew? She loves them. I can’t help but wonder if Claire would have greeted the robbers with kisses back in May – but thank goodness I didn’t have to test that theory, and let’s pray that I never get that chance. It’s no secret that I’m a single girl living in the hood a "transitional" part of town. But despite that, I still don’t want my sweet girl to turn into a vicious dog (she doesn't have it in her, anyway). I love that Claire is so sweet and mischievous and playful, but when I wake up hearing strange noises during the night, I do wish there was someone there to protect both of us.

Working the morning shift, looking out for squirrels.

My friends and I have been talking about this lately, and I think we've come up with the perfect solution: I need to get a llama. Rumor has it that llamas are very protective of their “families” - if you don’t back it up, they’ll scream and charge at you. Answer me this, my friends: if you were snooping around and then saw my pet llama running towards you, you’d think twice, wouldn’t you?

Claire's future best friend, my future bodyguard.

** This post was written with Katie in mind.
So go check out her blog now, because she is awesome.



  1. you are hysterical and an incredible writer! still laughing

  2. That llama reminds me of illustrations in the Wizard of Oz book that I had when I was little. I forget what the big-head critters were, but they had long necks and head butted, as one might expect.

    You might also consider getting a guard goose or two. Geese are mean!

  3. HAHA! I LOVE this!!! All of it--Claire's gentle nature, you living in the 'hood (ATL life = I sympathize) AND the idea of a llama on the prowl. Want to start a llama farm? I've got the land if you get the llamas!