Monday, November 21, 2011

cold november rain.

I saw this on Twitter today from Dog Pack Snacks and had to share it to lead into today's post:

Announcement to dogs everywhere:
1. We are humans, NOT gods.
2. We are dog-moms, NOT Mother Nature.
Therefore... we do not control the weather!!
Please stop giving me that look every time it rains.
You will not die if you go out into the rain.

It rained all day yesterday and I wasn't feeling well, so it was the perfect day to lay in bed with good movies, good books, and a good dog. Except that, once every hour, my good dog would get up and sit by the door, signaling that she needed wanted to go outside. I'd muster up every ounce of energy, put on my shoes and sweatshirt, and trudge onto the porch. Claire would stand in the doorway for a few minutes watching the rain, and then would turn right back around and head inside. And then she would start to whine and signal that she needed to go to the bathroom - even though she just had that chance two seconds before. I would put my sneakers back on and take her outside again. If I got lucky enough to get to the point where I could lure her out into the rain to coax her to do her business (while she tiptoed through the grass as though she hates getting her paws wet), she would stand there with her head down, shivering, and looking miserable while I begged her to just PEE so that we could put an end to the madness!!!! But after doing nothing but succeeding at looking pitiful, back inside we would go, and she would get back into bed. Yet... an hour later... the cycle would begin again. The way I see it, there were two options: (1) hold it in until the storm is over, or (2) just do your thang for two uncomfortable seconds to avoid six hours of a distended bladder. I mean, I'm just saying.

What an ordeal. How is it that most dogs love the water but these same dogs hate the rain? It doesn't even make sense to me. But hey, maybe this is Claire's way of telling me that she'd like to move to San Diego; I hear they have more sunny days there.


  1. love this...just love it!

  2. hahaha sage does the same thing! i think they are destined to be friends.

  3. desmond's almost the opposite. he's not super fond of water for swimming--he's goes in and swims for like ten seconds and then wants to run right out. rain, seemingly, doesn't really bother him. he'll hesitate at the door, and then once he gets out there, he's raring to go. whenever it's raining during our walk, i hope he's going to get sick of being wet and want to head back early, but i have no such luck.