Sunday, November 13, 2011

a day of rest.

I needed a day like today. In fact, I think I need another day like it soon. Really soon. Life has been tumultuous lately, and I'm very much the kind of person who needs quiet and peace and stability. My Saturday was really busy - I had places to go, people to see, things to do! - and so I decided that today was going to be full of rest. God knew what He was doing when He created the Sabbath, and I think I need to honor that more.

Claire and I started the day by sleeping in. It was glorious. I could have just kept on sleeping, but around 9am, I woke up to a wet nose touching mine and a tail thumping against the bed. Waking up like that is a million times better than an alarm clock, by the way. I got up, got ready, and we headed off to spend a few hours at the dog park with friends, since the weather was so nice. Claire ran around and wrestled with Asya, dug a big hole with Simba, and got some loving from Kingsley. I knew it was time to go when she laid down in the middle of the park, so we came back home and curled up for naptime. [Naps on Sunday afternoons are the best, aren't they?]

Later on, I took her to see her vet at Banfield because she's had itchy red eyes all week, and it turns out that her allergies were acting up and then caused a secondary sinus infection. AHH. Once we got her on some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, we headed home. I gave her dinner, a bath, a bone, and put some Vaseline on her poor little chapped nose, and now she is sound asleep and snuggled up with her Blue Elephant on top of my electric blanket. My sweet girl.

...You know, I think Claire needed a day of rest as much as I did.

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