Friday, November 11, 2011

contest: name that puppy!

On 11/11/11, we hit 10,000 visitors on this thang.
Whaaaat!! Super exciting.
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I think this calls for a contest. A contest that has to do with something cute and something necessary and something awesome. Ready for this? Here's the deal. My darling friend Whitney just rescued a sweet 12-week-old blue pit bull puppy. That's the cute. This little lovebug needs a name; names are necessary. Leave a comment by SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13th AT 6:00PM with name suggestions. If Whit picks a name that you thought of, you can choose between one of two prizes - because prizes are awesome: (1) a prize pack full of Nylabone DuraChew toys and a variety of treats for your dog, OR (2) a $50 Target gift card. It's your choice if you win! Whitney obviously picks the winner. Because it's her puppy. Makes sense.

Whitney wanted me to tell you a little bit about this adorable pup, so in her words... "He's a rescue, a cuddle bear, timid and nervous, and he likes wrestling with Roxie already [Whitney's 3-year-old bundle-of-joy pit bull]. I like dog names; so I will not call this dog Joe, Dan, or Mike. [So she would have probably named Claire something like "Mittens" or "Oreo" if Claire was hers]. This puppy was rescued through a connection at CrossFit Music City and I am open to naming him after a WOD, if appropriate [In CrossFit culture - of which I am not a part of - this apparently means "Workout of the Day" which I believe are actually named after people]. I'm not open to any stereotypical pit bull names because my dogs are breed ambassadors and he will be too - although, I am considering B.I.G. (as in Notorious) because I like his music (and music in general - rap, classic rock, indie, pop, what-have-you)."

Here are some pics of Cute Puppy, courtesy of Whitney, to help you brainstorm some ideas. Have fun and good luck!



  1. what about Blue? he's a blue pitbull so it makes sense!
    - jillian

  2. Murph!! Wod name AND sounds really cute with Roxie


  3. How bout Ashes? Since hes that beautiful gray color?

  4. -Jackson

  5. I am thinking Wilson, strong but gentle.

  6. Oh his name's Curtis. i already know him.

  7. Looks like a Ciro or Titus (Ty for short) to me.

  8. Spartacus...because he is tough and masculine =)


  9. Whitney already heard my nominations but I will post them anyway:
    Coal/Cole (for charcoal),

    I like Asher too!

  10. murph wod story, appropriate name given story, but I'm still thinking!

  11. Keyser - German for king
    Jagger - does he have moves?
    Pretty boy Floyd- is he a gangsta?

  12. how about Duke or Gus

  13. Here's an update for you all! Whitney has narrowed it down to six names (which believe me was a feat in itself haha!):
    1. Wilson
    2. Sebastian
    3. Murph
    4. Jagger
    5. Zepplin
    6. Asher
    We'll let you know what she ends up deciding on!

  14. I am hoping we will have a winner tonight! This has been a tough decision for Whitney, so I am going to meet the little guy tonight to help match his personality to a name... but "Asher" has gotten a LOT of positive feedback, so we shall see!

  15. Asher is a really cute name!!!

  16. WHITNEY HAS PICKED A NAME!!!! She has decided to go with TOBY, which was originally suggested by Lindsey and WIll - and I swear to you that I did approve their comment on the blog, but it got lost somewhere in the blogosphere because it is nowhere to be found as of this moment. Anyway, I met Toby tonight and he is such a sweet and playful boy! Might there be a photoshoot for him in the future? Possibly... ;)

    Lindsey and Will decided on the prize pack, which means that there will be another contest/giveaway in the future in which the $50 Target gift card will be up for grabs once again! Thank you ALL for participating!!

  17. I hate that I missed this!!! Also, Miss Lauren, you need to enter my contest soon, lady. Awkward pet family photo? the book? Right up our alley. :)

  18. What about Alee Blue or Azul or Azure which are other words for blue. Azura would be cute too and its sounds more girly.