Saturday, September 10, 2011

the love of a dog.

This time of night is my favorite: winding down. Claire is asleep next to me after spending the entire morning at the dog park, napping in the afternoon, and going for a good walk before dinner - without The Boot, mind you, which was probably NOT the best idea (Yes, I work in the medical field. Yes, I know better. Yes, I am a horrible patient). It is so cathartic to watch her fall asleep. Right now, she is stretched out across the bed and looks so peaceful - though moments ago, she must have had a dream that involved running, because she started running while lying down. [Take a moment and picture that, will you, because it's hilarious.] I can't help but think, every time that I look at her, how thankful I am that God put her in my life.

This year has been particularly trying, and Claire has helped me keep on going. There have been many days when things have been so tough that I have just wanted to stay in bed with the covers over my head and sleep until things got better. In fact, on the few occasions where I tried to do just that, she wedged her nose between my face and the pillow and nudged me out of bed - and put a smile on my face in the process. "There's no time for sleeping! We have squirrels to chase, fields to run through, and so many people to meet!" She glued herself to my side and gave me kisses when my heart was heavy, and her mischievousness and crazy antics kept me laughing when it seemed like nothing could.

This is the love of a dog.
God works through all creatures great and small, doesn't He?


  1. Dogs are amazing creatures. I suffer from depression and sometimes when things get tough, my monkeys do an amazing job of keeping me going.

  2. The love of a dog is a thing like no other. I know I"m thankful for it every day.

  3. There's nothing more therapeutic than a wonderful dog. We're so fortunate.

  4. she sure has been wonderful