Tuesday, August 30, 2011

couch potatoes.

Gorgeous, isn't it? Please note that the small portion of my leg that is showing in this picture is, in fact, TAN!! Thank you, vacation, for allowing me to see the sun! So yes, as you can clearly see, The Boot is my new fashion statement. Coincidentally, it also keeps my ankle stabilized, which is extremely helpful since it is severely sprained.

I wish I had some outrageous story to explain how it happened. You know, something like, "I was walking down the street and witnessed a guy run by and steal a sweet old lady's purse, so I immediately ran after him, pulled some ninja-like moves, and sprained my ankle in the process. But I still got the purse back, and I used my immense strength to pin the thief to the ground until the police arrived." Yeah. Wishful thinking. What actually happened is that I was doing a photo shoot for an adorable family who has two sweet dogs, and while I was shooting a series of pictures that involved their Boston terrier, their incredibly large golden retriever ran into my leg at 34720.6 miles per hour. Okay okay, fine, he wasn't running quite that fast, but he was running at me as fast as he could. I thought my ankle was just badly bruised, but when I went on vacation, it continued to hurt and began to swell. Thankfully, upon my return to Nashville, my doctor gave me The Boot. And I get to wear it for two weeks.

The most disappointing part of having an injury such as this is that I cannot go on long walks with Claire until it has healed. Claire will be going to school every day this week so that she can still have fun and play with her friends - because, Lord knows, it would be extremely frustrating for her to have to join me in the boring activity of sitting around. She has been pretty exhausted over the past few days, however, and I'm assuming that it is because she's catching up on rest from last week when she was at sleepover camp while I was on vacation. So if you're looking for us for the next two weeks, you can most likely find us on the couch resting. You know us, we're always trying to keep it interesting!


  1. Oh no! That sounds painful! I bet the adorable family felt pretty awful about their dog running into you. Did you get a good photo? You're the second blog pal to be laid up. You and Min from marriedminzilla.blogspot.com should commiserate.

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments on my post the other day! I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. I agree, it would be sweet if Murphy and Claire could play together... as long as she promises not to teach him the joys of digging in mud puddles... ;)