Saturday, August 27, 2011

a beautiful "welcome home".

Nothing compares to reuniting with a loved one after time spent apart, no matter how long that time apart is. Obviously (and understandably) this includes the most loyal member of the family: your beloved dog.

I arrived back in Nashville late last night after spending an incredible week at home with family and friends. I wasn't ready to leave them, and I wasn't ready for vacation to end, but I was more than ready to see Claire. When I walked in to Bark-O-Lounge to pick her up, she was standing on her hind legs, resting her front paws on the top of the baby gate in the next room; she always likes to see who is coming and going. When she saw me, her ears perked up and she started wagging her tail like crazy. Stacey let her out into the hallway where I was, and she started running in circles around me, jumping up, giving me tons of kisses, and crying and crying - she wouldn't stay still long enough for me to hug her because she was so excited!

It just warms my heart.
I love her so much.

Claire's welcoming reminded me of this video that my friend sent me a little while ago. Aren't dogs the best?! They don't speak our language, but they still manage to tell us - in a variety of ways - how much they love us.


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  1. I can only imagine this is just how Claire sounded when you said she was crying when she saw YOU! I am so happy for the time we spent of the "best" family weeks ever! (but we always say that as Gup says)! I am also so happy you got to be reunited with the "best" dog in the world...your dog! I'll be the one missing you now but at least Claire is happy once again.