Wednesday, August 3, 2011

caught in the act.

I've said before that Claire is very food-motivated, which is a huge benefit for me when it comes to training her. She has certain treats that we use solely for volunteering with the Delta Society, and another kind of treat that she gets for good behavior around the house. On weekends, however, I pull out all the stops: after our morning trip to the dog park, we come back home and she gets either a smoked bone or a bully stick. I've found that, from time to time, Claire tries to hide these special treats - it's almost like she tries to save it for later. She'll walk around the house with it, trying to bury it in different places until she finds the perfect spot.

Over this past weekend, she had settled down on the couch with a bully stick, so I figured it was a great time to do some things around the house. After a little while, Claire came into the kitchen with the bully stick in her mouth and started whining. When she does this, it's because she is frustrated and can't find an adequate place to bury something. After she walked around the kitchen a few times, dissatisfied with her options for bully stick burial, she went back into the living room. When I finished what I was doing, I went to find her. Clearly, she found created a wonderful place to bury her favorite treat:


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