Tuesday, July 26, 2011

we need your help!

Remember my dear friend Sarah who guest-blogged back in March and wrote this post? She got in touch with me today and asked if I would let you all know about some beautiful dogs who are in desperate need of homes by this Thursday. THIS Thursday, people. As in the Thursday that is just two days away. If these dogs aren't adopted by then, they will be put down. Rescue groups are full and there's a shortage of foster families. This just breaks my heart. Now, I completely understand that some of you may not be in a position to have a(nother) dog - and that's okay. All I'm asking is that you pass this link along to as many people as possible so that these dogs have the best chance to be saved: http://tinyurl.com/6bdzlgk

Thank you all for your help! And please, stay tuned - there's a giveaway coming up (perhaps tomorrow) that you won't want to miss!


  1. Oh my gosh- this makes me want to bawl! I'm in TX. Can we just send $$?

  2. Great question - I asked Sarah, and she's going to find out for us! I'll keep you posted, girl :)

  3. It's very sad. When I was trying to get my last foster out of the shelter and turning to rescue groups, they all said they were too full. So many shelters are closing due to lack of finances, and rescues are trying to do what they can.

    Everyone needs more foster families. I hope more people will get involved with that. It is SO rewarding to help a dog find a great home.

  4. Okay, here's the update from Sarah:

    "They can send contributions directly to the shelter..Lewisburg Animal Shelter, 300 Woodside Ave., Lewisburg, TN 37091. Please specify if it is to sponsor a dog out. Please note that.. If a dog is sponsored, it doesn't mean it will save that dogs life, but it gives it a better chance at getting adopted! If the dog does NOT get adopted, due to lack of interest, and that dog is euthanized, the funds will be applied to another dog in jeopardy of euthanization."