Monday, July 25, 2011

hungry? why wait?

I’m hanging out. You know, just waiting for dinner time to roll around. I’m Italian, so I’m often hungry and dreaming of food. It’s a problem sometimes. As I was pondering what deliciousness is coming my way this evening, I got to thinking about the things that Claire has found to be tasty in the past – especially when she was a puppy. She never actually ingested anything, but she liked to tear things apart and chew on them for awhile. Not so awesome, but I suppose it was better than if she swallowed these things.
  • When she was about six months old, she managed to chew a very large hole in my couch – while she was in her kennel. That was the day I decided to bring her to day care a few times a week.
  • The carpet in my former apartment. I made sure to buy a house with hardwood floors, just in case she might get tempted again.
  • My red patent-leather flats.
  • A new pair of Rainbow sandals. She completely disregarded the old pair.
  • A skirt that I had just purchased and hadn't even worn yet.
  • Rolls and rolls of toilet paper – I've found her on more than one occasion with one end of the roll in her mouth while she prances around with it trailing behind her.
  • Countless tennis balls – she likes to peel off the green fuzzy part and chew the rubber into a million tiny pieces that are next to impossible to completely clean up.
  • Three Willowtree angels.
  • Two library books, one which was (ironically) entitled “The Well-Adjusted Dog.” I think it was Claire's way of letting me know that she was not very well-adjusted at the time.

Thankfully, now that she is two years old, she now mainly sticks to her diet of Blue Buffalo and a variety of organic dog treats. But I think I have PTSD. Because every so often, when she’s hanging out by herself at home, I start to think of all the things that she could get into if she tried…

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