Friday, July 8, 2011

our very first blog award!

A huge thanks to Carrie at All Things Dog for sending a shout-out in the form of a blog award - this is so exciting for me! And while I get to celebrate by writing this post, Claire will get to celebrate by having a bone. Now how's that for awesome! There are a lot of people out there in the pet-blogging community (really, there are!) so it's great to be recognized!

Now, before I pass on this award to some of my favorite versatile bloggers, I am supposed to tell you seven random things about myself. Here it goes:
  1. I am pretty sure that if I weren't self-conscious and didn't have morals, I would live in a nudist colony. I mean, hey, sometimes a person just doesn't like to wear pants. (However, because I am self-conscious, do have morals, and do not live in a nudist colony, I wear sundresses quite frequently.)
  2. Now that I am older, I can identify a handful of people who were friends with me in high school solely because they adore my mom. She is very lovable (and makes some mean chocolate chip cookies), so I can see why they wanted to be around her!
  3. I only have one vice: dessert. (Remember this will come in handy if you would like to bribe me or if you need to tell me something that you know will upset me. So take this little tidbit and store it away for future use.)
  4. I have a very very long Bucket List. I try to accomplish a few things from this list each year. Only the MOST special people in my life get to know what's on it. I guess I like to pretend that I have an air of mystery about me...
  5. I have watched every single episode of *Friends* in chronological order. Four times. And I am furious that the show ended. Outraged, actually.
  6. Sometimes I wonder if anyone thinks that I'm as funny as I do. Seriously, I make myself laugh all the time. I find myself very entertaining.
  7. I have many career goals that are quite different from one another: to be a missionary and work with children in Uganda, to be a writer, to be a professional photographer, to work for an animal rescue, and to be a rockstar.
Interesting, yes? I thought so. Alright, now I need to pass this along to other versatile bloggers! Congratulations to...


  1. you are incredible!!! I am laughing and smiling at so many of the above. I also want to congratulate you again on the recognition - not that I am surprised!! I do wish you the best with ALL on your bucket list even though I am sure I wouldn't be happy about all of them! lol And, guess what? you are FUNNY!! You are the best!! love ya xo mom

  2. ... i was mad about friends, too, but then i realized you could just keep watching them in random orders and it seemed like a whole different show. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the award! You made my day! Also, found your list really entertaining! Lots of good info there if I ever, by chance, make you angry! ;)

    Woofs from Smart Dog U!

  4. love this!! I am so proud of you and i love you so much! <3 Andrea

  5. Lauren & Claire,
    Thank you so much for reading our blog and for commenting on our fun adventures! Sage was so excited when I told her you sent a blog award our way! We are about to celebrate with a fun walk. Thanks again!

    Erin & Sage

    P.S. My mom is my #1 commenter too...for every blog post. Moms are the best!

  6. Thanks so much for the award, Lauren! Your mom sounds so sweet. I tend to find myself funny, too, regardless of whether others do. In fact, sometimes I crack myself up so much that I can't even tell the people around me what I'm laughing at!

    And I just found your email about Twitter in my junk box! No, I don't have a Twitter account. I still live in the dark ages....

  7. Lauren, Congratulations. No surprise for us. I think you've been writing since you were 2. Remember the story about shoes? Hug yourself and Claire for us.