Tuesday, May 24, 2011

our first magazine feature!

Claire's adoption story is featured in Tails Magazine! It's one of our favorite magazines, so I was extremely excited to hear that her story was chosen! Check it out here!

The wonderful people at Tails gave me an idea, but it is something that I need your help with. I would love to do some freelance for pet lifestyle magazines, but I'm new at this whole lil thang (that's my newly-acquired "southern" coming out - seriously, the twang is completely random - I'm your typical New Englander the rest of the time). My call for assistance: does anyone have any ideas of who to contact to find out if magazines are looking for freelance writers?

Rachel, you have to have some advice for me, at least... And maybe Michelle too... Oh, and definitely Leigh... For the rest of my blog readers, I'll take any tips that you have for me!


  1. Hiya Lauren! I was just going to shoot you a message on facebook, but decided to post a comment instead. =0) Don't you love me?

    Wendy Diamond of http://www.animalfair.com/home/ might be a place to start. She does do most of her hiring through elance.com. If you want her email address, let me know.

  2. Love your story, it was definitely It was love at first sight.

  3. I LOVE this idea! Awesome! Obviously, I don't know too much about the animal magazine world, but my advice would be to look for contacts within the magazines/websites and send them an email. You can include your blog and the article from Tails. Having a little "portfolio" of your work will help. It might be a good idea to submit a query letter--do a Google search to see what those are about.

  4. My best advice would be to start writing what you want to write about on here. People will take note and then you can also use it as clips and examples of what you can do for them.