Wednesday, May 25, 2011

love in its purest form.

You all remember, Kingsley, don't you? My friend Amy is his mama, and Claire and I often go over to their house for some good quality best friend time. Amy and I are always talking about how I need to blog about their relationship, so I figured I should get on that! I feel like this story is best told in pictures, so... here we go.

The day begins...
(Left) Claire is enjoying the breeze from the sunroof on her ride to school.
(Right) Kingsley attends a business meeting at Amy's work.

After attending their respective activities throughout the day,
they are very happy to be able to see each other.

Kingsley usually spends about 30 minutes following Claire around the house while she gets reacquainted to Amy and Kingsley's house. If Kingsley gets too close too soon, she does this little squeak to tell him to give her a little space. And Kingsley is very respectful - he will back up a few steps as if to say, "I'll be just over here, waiting for you."

Then the fun begins:
They play their favorite games,
which include taking each other for walks around the house,
"bitey-face", and tug.

Once they have worn themselves out with playtime... (wait for it; this is my favorite part!!) ...Claire sits herself down on the couch, and Kingsley gives her lots of kisses all over her sweet face and nuzzles her little body. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. Claire just sits there, tail wagging, while Kingsley loves on her. I tried to get a video of all the cuteness, but you couldn't see too well with the mood lighting. They do this every single time Amy and I hang out. And it's the same routine, too! I don't think there is anything that warms my heart more than to see the way Claire and Kingsley interact when they are together.

This is one of the many instances where I think people could learn a thing or two from our beloved dogs: good boundaries, good communication, a lot of respect, a lot of fun, and love that is expressed clearly, honestly, and innocently.

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  1. this is too cute! Lucy has a friend, Mia, that she goes to stay with when Kurt and I are out of town. She is the "Kingsley" in the relationship, following Mia around and loading her up with kisses when Mia calls it quits :)