Thursday, April 21, 2011

so much love.

A lot of my blogging friends have been talking posting about some of the reasons they love their husbands. I have decided to steal borrow their idea and talk about some of the reasons of why I love Claire. I could seriously go on and on forever, but to spare you some time, I'll just name ten of them now, and will save the rest for future posts. Ready? No? Let me give you a second... Okay, here we go:

1.  She is such a sweet and sensitive girl. Seriously. She hates when people cry. She will nudge your hand with her little button nose until your hand is resting on her head, and then she will proceed to smother you in kisses. And, in case you want to try and pretend-cry so that you can see her reaction, don't waste your time. She has figured out the difference between pretend-crying and real-crying. It won't work.

2.  The top of her head always smells like maple syrup. That is why her last name is Butterworth. Sometimes when we're snuggling in the middle of the night, the smell of her head makes me crave pancakes. I may or may not have gotten up once or twice to make some...

3.  She can be so mischievous and silly. For instance, if I'm busy with something and can't play with her, she will go into my bedroom, grab my slipper, come back over to me, and do a puppy bow as if she is going to take off with it if I don't stop what I am doing and pay attention. It makes me laugh.

4.  She is extremely smart and loves to learn. She is so smart that there are many times when I just look at her and she does what I am thinking. It's like she knows exactly what I'm going to ask of her in any given circumstance. You know, except for when she gets super excited to see one of her favorite people  and chooses to jump all over them, squealing with delight, even though she knows she's not supposed to. (She's getting better at it, I swear!)

5.  She loves me when I'm at my best and she loves me when I'm at my worst, and she never judges me or holds it against me. She wants to be with me all of the time, and wants to experience life with me. 'Nuff said.

6.  She always wants to share my food - like most dogs do - unless it's broccoli, rice, or green beans. And when I do eat those foods, she stays on the opposite side of the room until I've finished eating, almost as though she thinks I'm going to make her have some too.

7.  She is always up for a dance party. Quite frequently, actually. And when I dance around her, acting like a fool, her tail just wags and wags (which I'm sure is the equivalent of laughing, but in dog language). Sometimes we slow dance, but most of the time, we both jump around and act crazy.

8.  As obedient as she is, she does have a mind of her own, and if she is feeling strongly about something, she will let you know. If she is tired on a school day and isn't up for spending eight hours playing with her friends, she tells me: she will sit on the ground and not budge, no matter how much I cajole and encourage her to get in the car. I have learned that treats don't even work in this instance.

9.  She is always so excited to see me, whether I've been gone for five minutes or for a whole day. She has what I call her Greeting Routine: when I pull in the driveway after work, she is looking out the window waiting for me, and when I come inside, she runs in circles around me before grabbing her Blue Elephant and dropping it at my feet to signal (with her tail wagging) that she is excited to spend some time with me and play. This happens every single time I come into the house - and I love it. Every single time.

10. She is so expressive! She has mastered the art of the Frustrated Sigh (when she is ready to play and I am ready to rest), the Content Sigh (when we're snuggling and she's tired after a full day of fun), the Happy Face (ears relaxed and a big grin), the Sad Face (ears lowered and head down - typically observed when she is denied any food other than broccoli, rice, and green beans), the I'm-Worried-About-You Look (eyes wide and ears at alert, while attempting to kiss you multiple times), etc.

I asked my roommate Lissa for her input and she said, "Do you really think I'll come up with something that you haven't already thought of?" Good call, my friend. Good call.

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  1. this was GREAT I enjoyed all of it!!! thank you for writing xo