Friday, February 25, 2011

blue elephant.

A few weeks ago, I got to spend the afternoon with my friend Emily. I had a great time catching up with her and hearing about the goings-on in her life. She didn't get to meet Claire that day, but she was so sweet to bring along a little something for me to give to Claire so she knew we missed her while we went out to lunch! This "little something" has become Claire's new favorite toy. Please meet: Blue Elephant.

(Side note: I have decided to stop taking pictures on my phone after seeing the way these came out. It's quick and easy, but the DSLR takes much better pictures. Camera snob? Maybe. Okay, yes.)

Claire brings Blue Elephant everywhere with her. She comes home from school and immediately pounces on her, then snuggles up on the couch with her. I turned over in bed last night and rolled right over her; at some point while I was sleeping, she went and got her from the living room and decided to invite her into bed with us.

So Emily, thank you for Blue Elephant! She is the first stuffed animal that Claire hasn't immediately ripped up. She's attached - I think Blue Elephant is here to stay!

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  1. This is perfect!! I love seeing her with her toy! I'm so glad she's enjoying it :) Yay! Can't wait to meet her next time I am in Nashville.