Sunday, March 6, 2011

silly buddy!

Remember the guy from this post? Well, he and his dog Samson have become very special to me and Claire! So special, in fact, that Samson was very deserving of a great gift for his first birthday! Claire and I got him this red tartan bow tie collar from Silly Buddy. Samson looks SO cute with it on - and hopefully I'll have a picture of him wearing it soon!

You all have to check out the whole Silly Buddy line. The collars, martingales, and leashes are super cute and the owner, Hande Dokur Cengiz, crafts them specially for your dog! Here are a few more that I absolutely love:

Thank you, Hande and Buddy, for making such a wonderful gift for Claire's friend Samson! I'll be buying a new collar for Claire pretty soon, and I'll be going straight to you to get it!

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  1. I LOVE them!! they are adorable - such a great gift idea.