Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy new year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were as great as mine and Claire's were! I ended up staying home in Massachusetts for an extra three days because my flight was cancelled - 20 inches of snow will cause things like that to happen. But it was wonderful to spend some time at home, even though I missed Claire terribly. Thankfully, she was having a grand old time at Bark-O-Lounge with Kingsley and Ollie and a ton of her other friends. When I came back, we had a glorious reunion which involved letting her dig through the contents of my suitcase to find her gifts, which included a new ball (that she has slept with every night since), as well as the adjustable dog feederbagel bed, and reflective leg bands that were on her Christmas list! She's a happy and very thankful girl!

One of my Christmas gifts was a new lens for my camera, which I couldn't wait to use as soon as I got back! So Claire, being the little model that she is, came to the park with me today so that I could try it out and put it to use. I've got two pictures in particular for you to see...

Anyway, shortly after our photo shoot, Claire fell in love with a guy who was at the park with his dog, too. She followed him around for awhile, dropped tennis balls at his feet, and gave him tons of kisses. After watching this go on for a little bit, I went to try and win back her affection before she decided to adopt him as her new owner. And as I got to talking to Claire's new love, I was reminded that she is quite a good judge of character - this guy is really sweet, really funny, loves dogs (clearly), seems to have this crazy ability to make people feel like they have known him forever, and... might be single? Maybe? I hope we run into him again :)


  1. Love the pictures and love hearing about this boy that Claire "chose" today. Will need more details soon:)

  2. I want to meet Claire and so does my puppy Sydney! Sydney and I are going to make a trip to Nashville!

  3. Love the blog, love your photos!! :) And, woohoo for some young single guy at the park. :) Yup, that's a perk of having a dog, that's for sure! :)

    Jen and the black dog crew