Thursday, July 11, 2013

a letter to nature.

Dear birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other small creatures:
       Thank you for putting up with Claire's constant harassment. I would like to think that she would stop chasing you if she could, but she has a high prey drive. Therefore, I imagine that it's kind of like an addiction. But I've decided that she needs to give back, somehow, to make up for her behavior. That is why we have moved our brushing sessions outside. Three times per week, you will find a lovely collection of fur next to the porch. Please take as much as you'd like to make your home cozy. I don't know where she gets all of her fur since she gets brushed so often, but all that matters is that you reap the benefits. It's the least she can do since she gives you minor heart attacks every time she sees one of you. It is my hope that you will accept her donation as an apology.


PS: Here is a picture of today's collection. That's a size 7.5 furball. She shed that much during Tuesdays brushing and she will shed that much by Saturday. True story. So there's plenty to go around.

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