Monday, May 20, 2013

projects and painting and planning, oh my!

A title like that can only mean one thing: Mom was in town! She came for a visit this weekend and whipped our house into shape with nine million projects that were able to be completed in a mere 72 hours - and she still made sure that we had time to go out to eat with friends! I am jealous of her energy, especially since it takes me a solid five cups of coffee before I am even 25% as efficient as she is with her time! I don't know how she does it, but I'm hoping she'll share her secret with me someday!

The house projects were as follows:
-- hang up the kitchen curtains that have been sitting in storage for a year
-- hang up the guest room curtains that have been sitting in storage for two years
-- caulk and repair the corner of the cabinet that Claire destroyed from the act of busting out of her kennel when we first moved in... which took place back in 2010
-- caulk and repair the window frame in my bedroom that was damaged during the Break-In of 2011
-- buy new frames for pictures
-- hang up two pictures
-- touch up the paint on the walls in the kitchen
-- touch up the paint on the walls in the living room
-- touch up the paint on the walls in my bedroom
-- touch up the paint on the walls in the guest room [which turned into repainting the whole room because we bought the wrong paint color and didn't realize until it was too late]
-- clean out the shed so my friend can store her things there while she's out of the country
-- search for the Missing Suitcase [this was the one thing that was unsuccessful]
-- decorate the bathroom

Claire was a rockstar this weekend. I really wanted to be able to take her hiking with my mom and me, but as you can see from the aforementioned list [which is not comprehensive, by the way], there wasn't enough time! It was also really hot and humid this weekend, so it wasn't the best hiking weather anyway. So Claire hung out with us while we worked on these projects, and she was happy doing just that: hanging out with us [and getting some treats while doing so, like coconut milk ice cream and fresh strawberries]. The paint made her sneeze, though, so she laid by the bedroom door while we worked in the guest room. That didn't stop her from trying to help out by rubbing up against the freshly painted wall...

Oh, my dog? She's the one that's black and white with a gray butt.

Claire and Mumsies!


  1. Your post was hysterical!!! But, oh so true! We certainly did alot, and you didn't even include the shopping for all new bathroom accessories or the farmers market that we went to. It was amazing and I love helping make the "dollhouse" even better with each visit. Love you sooo much! (Claire also, and BTW she was amazing!)

  2. That was a very productive 72 hours you've accomplished. Thanks to your mom, these long-standing house projects are all done now especially the walls. Simple tasks as touching up the paint can contribute greatly on the overall appearance of your house. Nice job!
    Leeanne Dyson