Sunday, February 24, 2013

scenes from a sunday stroll.

My friend Carrie and I have tried to make plans to take Claire and Tucker hiking for the past two weeks. We cancelled the first weekend because it rained, and we cancelled last weekend because we were both so tired and needed some downtime. When 11am rolled around this morning, I texted her to gauge the "level of laziness." Not only was she feeling up to it, but our friend Patrick was too, so he brought Rylee along also. It was quite a happy reunion for the three pups - lots of jumping on each other, lots of kissing, and lots of tail wagging! We did three different trails and let the dogs play in the river, and it was gorgeous out so it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon! We'll be hiking one of the longer trails next weekend, if the weather's nice, so I'll try to get some more pictures while we explore. Maybe it's even time for an updated picture of me and Claire together?!

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