Monday, October 1, 2012

here's the scoop on our upcoming (brief!) hiatus.

Well, for the first time since I started this blog two years ago [wow!], the time has come for me to take a little break. It's not because I'm getting bored, or losing my vision, or running out of stories [not possible with Miss Claire], but it's actually because I'll be spending a good part of this month in Uganda with Visiting Orphans. I'll be back at the end of October, but I'll be starting my new job as soon as I return, so I figure I should give myself a week or so to get settled, you know?

While I'm out of the country, Claire will be spending time at overnight camp at Bark-O-Lounge. To my friends who also bring their pups there, would you please check on her and give her kisses for me while I'm gone? The average of kisses that Claire gets per day is somewhere around 49,230 and I really don't want her to come up short. Thank you!! Clearly, I'm going to have a hard time being apart from her. Seriously, I'm already going through anticipatory withdrawals...

I'll be hanging out over at our FB page until I go to Uganda, so feel free to stop by and say hello. Otherwise, we'll see you guys in November! Here's a little something for you all, in case you miss us already [my new favorite photo of CBB]:



  1. That is a gorgeous picture!

    Wow, Uganda! That's the trip of a lifetime, truly. And for a great reason, too. I'm looking forward to your November return.

  2. Enjoy Uganda, I'm sure we'll all miss your blogging but not as much as Claire'll miss you! I'm sure she'll know you're away doing good though in that intuitive way dogs have :)

  3. LOVE this picture of Claire!!