Thursday, June 7, 2012

catching some zzz's.

So I found this picture and thought it was hilarious, mainly because Claire and I adopt Sleeping Positions #2 and #3 many nights. I have woken up in the morning thinking that I'm cuddling with her head only to find that I've actually been cuddling with her butt. [This is the "not so great" part]. Lately I've found myself sleeping horizontally because she tends to sprawl out horizontally - right in the middle of my bed [see photo below].

People sometimes ask me why I don't kick her out and make her sleep somewhere else. The answer is: I don't want to. Although there are nights where I might be in a not-so-comfortable position, I adapt - because I'm still more comfortable knowing that she's right next to me. You know how little kids have their safety blanket? Claire just happens to be mine. And it works.


  1. Hah, photo 2 happens to me a lot, especially if both my fiance and I are in bed, with Elka. She hogs up my side of the bed, but leaves him his space!

    The picture of Claire is many toys is that? ;)

  2. You know what kills me? I used to be all "I lovely dog but sleeping on my bed is just gross, how do people even do that blah blah blah".
    Right, we totally love having her on the bed (but I can't fit both of them so once we start to fall asleep she has to get off...put usually there is some pre-sleeping cuddling) Ugh, such a hypocrite.

  3. I'm so with you on the butt cuddle. I also often get punched in the face/arm/chest with paws and since we're not so great at keeping up with the nail trimmings, I often get scratches in those places. But I wouldn't want to kick him out either. :-)